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    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2002-10-11

      Is Snoopy supposed to work on Win ME platform? I just tried it out but nothing gets captured in the log window. The devices are properly reported though (a web camera and a digital camera). I followed the procedure as outlined in the help file.

      • Roland Bosa

        Roland Bosa - 2002-10-12

        I personally haven't tried WinME... I had somebody test it under Win98 and personally test under Win2K...

        Might be an issue with the driver's though... As soon as the 'Steal-Entrypoints' feature is coded, all these problems should dissapear...

        PS: try some other USB devices, like a mouse or joystick - with as little 3rd party drivers as possible (choose any compatible MS driver) - if that works, it's most likely a driver issue...

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2002-10-15

      The digital camera uses Windows generic mass-storage driver (usbstor.sys) - it gets registered as a 'removable drive'. What I observe is that the moment the service is "installed" the device gets disconnected from the bus (e.g. 'Removable Drive (F:)' icon in 'My Computer' window disappears). If I unplug and plug again the device while the service is 'installed' nothing happens (the icon does not show up). However, when I 'uninstall' service the icon comes back.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2002-11-06

      Yeah, it's nice to have an export function but having a working one would be much much cooler
      In particular, I have a problem with the XML not containing any useful information other than packets.

      So for transfers which don't have a buffer and instead send the information as a "value" then the logfile is useless.

      Mad props to whoever it is that reeccomended expanding all the packets and then saving to a text file.

      Just wish there was a better way...

      -David Hunt

      (writing driver for a *suppposedly* hid compliant joystick device, which isn't, at least as far as linux kernel is concrned.)

      • Roland Bosa

        Roland Bosa - 2002-11-07

        I guess you're talking about control transfers which have data in 'Index' and 'Value'...

        How would you like those values output in XML - as attributes of the control transfer packet, or as individual fields "index"..."/index"?

        ps: which joystick are you referring to?

        • Jean-Sébastien Valette

          I think that the output could be :
                  etc for each explained field
                etc for each byte of packet
                <BUFFHEADER> describe buffer</BUFFHEADER>

          sorry if my xml is a little odd but i just have a very basic knowin of how it work.

          the buffers may have many occurence (for iso at least).
          I guess that other fields shoud only occur once.


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