How about to add filtering ?

Keonny Kim
  • Keonny Kim

    Keonny Kim - 2002-11-03


    I am writing some linux usb driver for some MP3 player.

    this usbsnoopy is so good tool to write usb driver.

    I wish to add filtering ability to usbsnoopy

    I think all urb message, don't need to show.

    perhaps, most of driver writer want to show only VENDOR request.

    thank you for made this.

    • Jean-Sébastien Valette

      When we have done this for our adsl modem we had written perl script.
      you can check them at

      There is currently no filtering option in usbsnoop.

      PS : roland had rewriten lots of things for snoopy pro and i think log format have changed a lot.


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