can we display the exact character

  • kumar

    kumar - 2006-05-03

    I checked usbsnoop and found to be working perfectly. my question is since it is working in filter level driver, so can we display the exact character along with other information of URB.
    Like if we press 'a' from keyboard it should dispaly 'a' in usbsnoop.
    If it is yes then plzzz tell me how it can be done??

    Thanks in Advance

    • rob

      rob - 2007-07-26

      in your example the keypress 'a' would be transmitted as character code and include key up/down data.
      If the output was changed to show the hex value of 0x61 as 'a' then any non displayable characters would be difficult to dissern, not to mention that the keyboard down not have to send a keypress of 'a' as the ascii value 0x61.

      On the other hand you could write a script to parse the XML version of the log, identify a keypress and the character code sent and then decode it.


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