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USB-IR-Boy / News: Recent posts

USB-IR-BOY 0.3.2 Released

USB-IR-BOY 0.3.2 adds compatibility with 2.6.37 and newer kernels, thanks to Alan Mizrahi.

The MCU firmware has not changed.

Posted by Tormod Volden 2011-11-02

USB-IR-BOY 0.3.1 Released

Release 0.3.1 was a quick bug fix release on 2007-02-17

Kernel module v0.4 (IU):
- add support for Linux 2.6.19 and newer
- fix removal wait on disconnect

MCU firmware:
- revert the changes from 0.3.0 release that caused IR reception bugs

Posted by Tormod Volden 2011-10-31

USB-IR-Boy 0.3.0 Released

NOTE: 0.3 device driver does NOT support 0.2 firmware. 0.3 firmware
has to be installed into MCU.

Firmware USB part now supports NAK (real handshaking so it cannot be
flooded) and it supports full read/write so it can be used with any
other aplication aswell. Current irboy firmware echoes everhing back
what goes in. So it can be used for testing as follows:
cat /dev/usbirboy0
echo hello > dev/usbirboy0
(or cat COPYING > /dev/usbirboy0 to get the feeling of NAK support)... read more

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2007-02-10

0.2.1 minor release

The main point was to make the code compile with either SDCC or Metrowerks CodeWarrior. Compiling with SDCC still does not work, so the binary in mcubin/ is compiled with CodeWarrior. See the README file for instructions if you want to compile yourself.

A couple of bugs in usbcore.c were also fixed. There are no changes to the kernel module.

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2005-05-03

0.2 Firmware broken

Please use 0.1 at this time, we are working on to find out what the problem is in 0.2.

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2005-04-04

USB-IR-BOY v. 0.2 released

Changes include:

- MCU code copiling using sdcc (
- cat /proc/bus/usb/devices bug fixed in MCU usb firmware
- Board schematics updated (removed external powersource)
- Prommer schematics updated (RS232 line bugs)
- WWW pages updated, added board layout for "test" boards, updated pictures

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2005-02-12

Schemas updated

Due some critical errors in the board schematics, it is now updated and it _sould_ be working now.

Regulator from 12V to 5V was removed and device asumes 5V for power.

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2005-01-27

MCU code to sdcc

I am currently working on sdcc port of the MCU code in order to dumb the Codewarrior as the MCU compiler.

Stay tuned.


Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2005-01-26

Prommer schema updated

There was some critical mistakes in the prommer schemtics.
If you have started creating your prommer already, please check the prommer page for corrections

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2004-09-13

First Release!

Great day, we released 0.1 version.
This release includes everything you need to make your own irboy.
- working schematics
- working kernel module
- working MCU code (including GPL licensed USB firmware)

Hope you like it

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2004-09-05

First release coming up 2004-09-12

Situation is starting look good.
USB firmware is mostly working now.
Todo before release: Source sanitation and schematics corrections

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2004-09-01

USB firmware under development

We have finished up the initial usb firmware for MCU and after testing we are ready to release fist files.

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2004-07-29


Proto HW is ready, development of MCU and driver code in progress

Posted by Ilkka Urtamo 2004-02-17