Shinsuke - 2012-05-18

Please help me.

Does the USB Web camera work in USB/IP?
※The USB Web camera is based on UVC.

I carried out a test by the following configuration.

             -client side-                                    -server side-
    |   Application             |
    |------------------|                      |------------------|
    |   OpenSuse 11.4    |                      |   OpenSuse 11.4    |
    |------------------|                      |------------------|
    |   H/W                         |<---LAN--> |   H/W                         | --- (USB Web camera)
    |------------------|                      |------------------|

The application that I used is as follows:
 ・guvcview  -> NG (The start of the application succeeds, but a picture is distracted.)
 ・luvcview  -> NG (fail by start of the application.)
 ・cheese  -> NG  (fail by start of the application.)

So, All of them fail….
I succeed until a "usbip -attach yy-yy" on client!

Is this a bug of USB/IP?

Thank you

I am sorry in poor English…