SangHyun Lee - 2012-02-07

Hi, I study USB/IP for graduate project.
I have many problems because I\'m linux newbie.

Server is Ubuntu 11.04 and Client is Windows XP.

I bind USB storage.

I succeed in executing usbipd and usbip_bind_driver.

but Client fail in trying connect server.

USB/IP Client version v0.1.0.0 message

usbip dbg: usbip_network.c: 229 <tcp_connect > trying port 3240
usbip dbg: usbip_network.c: 255 <tcp_connect>, no destination to connect to -

USB/IP Client version v0.2.0.0 message

usbip err:  usbip.c: 280 <show_exported_devices> - failed.