We are the team of system integrators and we are currently
working  with  a  software protected by HASP dongle. We have a bunch of
virtual  machines on a dedicated server and on each of this
virtual machines we have such HASP-protected software. Now our goal is
to  give  access over the VPN for each of the virtual machines to their HASP dongles.
So our question is:
Can  the USB/IP software give access for different virtual machines to
different  dongles  or  not?
We need an option on our side to assign the specific
dongle  to  the  specific  virtual machine basing on the IP-address of
this virtual machine.
If  USB/IP software don't have this option maybe you'll be so generous
to  give  us  the  instructions  how  to  implement this option in you
software  basing  on  your source code. So we'll be able to do this by
our programmers.