Using the HCS08/HCS12 bootloaders

  • Kaeyan Jones

    Kaeyan Jones - 2014-05-16

    There isn't any documentation for the HCS08/HCS12 bootloaders. How do they work? How does one make usage of them outside of using the HCS08/HCS12 programmers?

  • Peter O'Donoghue

    Hi Kaeyan,

    The only bootloader involved in USBDM is the one incorporated into the USBDM firmware for the BDMs that allows the firmware to be updated.
    There is no bootloader used by the programmers.

    If you are referring to the Flash programming code that is downloaded to the target then this is available on GITHUB for the various targets.


  • Kaeyan Jones

    Kaeyan Jones - 2014-05-29

    Yes, the Flash programming code in PackageFiles\DeviceData. There doesn't seem to be any documentation for them. How do they work? How exactly are they used?

    Apologies for any confusion, my understanding of what a bootloader does led me to believe the Flash programming code could be considered a bootloader.


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