#13 No playback anymore with M-Audio Transit


Hi all !

I use an M-Audio Transit at home which was working pretty good for some weeks. However, the playback hangs now... Although the device seems well detected and the firmware loaded, there is no sound playing back anymore.

Some consequences of this new bug :
- amarok gets the device and seems to play, but I get nothing on the output,
- qjackctl detects the card, starts jackd but shows many XRUNs and always 0% as
process loading.

This bug can be reproduced on Debian Sid and Lenny. May it be due to some new methods used by udev to load the firmware or abnormal detecting by network-manager (see the logs) or a default config using 16 bit word length and not 24 bits ? Can someone reproduce this bevahior using the Transit ?

Thanks for your help !


  • Here are my logs

  • OK, it works again now after reinstalling the original source package against the debian one which I had compiled before for my previous test. This bug is weird because the diff file of the debian package doesn't apply anything in the original code but some debconfs only... This could be due to some file access concurrencies between some binaries or udev's conf strings...

    Anyway, I will propagate this bug through debian's reportbug and let you close this one if you feel this doesn't cover madfuload future developments / packaging.

    Thanks again for the work and sorry for the noise !

    • status: open --> open-works-for-me