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This wiki contains information on the USARSimROS repository created by NIST. The objective of this ROS node is to provide a seamless interface between ROS and USARSim. It provides for self-discovery of robots and sensors and connects the appropriate ROS topics to the USARSim socket stream.

More information on the code layout and how to compile the code may be found on the [Code Overview] page. More information on how to run the code may be found on the [Running Code] page. More information on what ROS topics are supported and what USARSim sensor and robot types are supported may be found on the [Supported Infrastructure] page.

Table of Contents
  1. [Code Overview]
  2. [Running Code]
  3. [Supported Infrastructure]
  4. [FAQ]
  5. [Exporting from Blender to USARSim]


Wiki: Code Overview
Wiki: Coordinate system
Wiki: Equations of Motion
Wiki: Exporting from Blender to USARSim
Wiki: FAQ
Wiki: IKFast
Wiki: ROSNavigation
Wiki: Robotic Arms
Wiki: Running Code
Wiki: Supported Infrastructure
Wiki: URDF Generation