How to Start Simulation in UDK?

  • AKN

    AKN - 2011-12-05

    I have installed UDK-2011-10, and the USARSim V1.1. Then I started the ExampleMap.bat, then I started the IridiumUI and connected to the engine, untill now everything is fine. But when i created a USARBot.P3AT Robot I cann't see it in the map! Can anybody help me about this issue.

  • Stephen Balakirsky

    The problem is that the V1.1 release is very old. I will try to get a new release out soon. In the meantime, I would suggest that you download the code from the GIT repository and use the newest and freshest release.

  • fafa

    fafa - 2012-01-07

    hi.when i run  ExampleMap.bat,it says that nothing is found.version of UDK is same .
    can somebody give me a link that can i get ut2004 free.

  • Stephen Balakirsky

    Hi, We have not supported the UT2004 version of USARSim for a long time. I suggest that you download UDK (free) and then get the UDK version of usarsim from the GIT repository.

  • Saied Ghorbani Moghadam

    dear friends, hi
    i have a question .if it possible please answer.
    How can i use my robot in UDK Editor and connect it to the USARsim?

  • Stephen Balakirsky

    I am not sure that I understand your question. The editor is used to create maps. You must run the map in order to place a robot into the environment.

  • Anonymous - 2012-03-14

    i 've downloaded udk december and i 've got USARSim V1.0 and i compiled it but when in udk ,in Actor classes ,when i
    add p3at from USARVehicle it shows only a brain and it said "static meshes not found"
    what a complicate simulator????

  • Stephen Balakirsky

    Not sure that I understand what you did. You need to run one of the bat files from the USARRunMaps directory. You can then see how a robot works by running the IridiumUI from the tools directory (run the .jar file in USARTools\IridiumUI\bin). More information on iridium is on the wiki.


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