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  • Tyler Folsom

    Tyler Folsom - 2012-03-21

    I have spent a day and a half trying to get the simulator installed, and it's time to ask for help.  Under Windows 7, UDK simulator seems to depend on binding to the ImageServer. How?  But there seems to be no road-based maps (such as Arda) for UDK, which makes it useless to me.
    Under Ubuntu Linux, the UT2004 version seems to have a problem with setting UT2004_DATA_PATH. How do I set this?

    Long version:
    USAR simulator for Windows 7; attempt to follow documentation on

    Download the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) from At 160 KB/sec, this takes about 3 hours. UDK installs itself in C:\UDK\UDK-2012-02.

    Go to
    Download files; this creates a directory such as …\Downloads\ It may take an hour, depending on your link speed. Extract downloaded files to C:\UDK\UDK-2012-02. Run “make' in the UDK-2012-02 directory.

    I get these warnings:
    C:\UDK\UDK-2012-02\Development\Src\USARBotAPI\Classes\UPISImageServer.uc(96) :
    Warning, Class USARBotAPI.UPISImageServer can't bind to DLL C:\UDK\UDK-

    C:\UDK\UDK-2012-02\Development\Src\USARBotAPI\Classes\UPISImageServer.uc(72) :
    Warning, Class USARBotAPI.UPISImageServer can't bind to DLL C:\UDK\UDK-

    Edited Make.bat to give the full pathname; then works with no warnings.

    Start the game by selecting “UDK game” from All Programs | Unreal Development Kit | UDK-2012-02. USARSim has limited functionality on the UDK platform.  It is mostly not there yet. There are USAR maps for VMAC2011 and ImprovedTestRoom, but no robots.  I just get the UT shooter. Thus I switch to the UT2004 version for Linux.

    Continuing with Windows 7, the net day I go to
    I start the game by double clicking on VMAC2011.bat in USARRunMaps. This brings up an empty set of corridors with no avatars and no apparent way to spawn a robot. It displays the message “Warning, Class USARBotAPI.UPISImageServer can't bind to DLL C:\UDK\UDK-2012-02\Binaries\Win64\UserCode\ImageServer.DLL.

    Click on …USARTools/IridiumUI/bin/Iridium.jar.  System cannot open it.
    Download JDK from After installing Java, clicking on Iridium.jar opens a window to spawn a robot, but still do not see it in the displayed map. Map contains text “PATHS NEED TO BE REBUILT”.

    USAR simulator on Linux

    On Ubuntu Linux: insert UT2004 DVD. Open a terminal window and type “sh”.  It asks several Y/n questions, with the default capitalized. Respond to those.
    After installed the game in a UT2004 directory, cd to that directory and type “./ut2004” to start the game.
    A message complaining about a missing library, requires going to Ubuntu Software Center and install GNU Standard C++ Library v3, libstdc++5.  Then game runs OK.
    Go to and download ut2004-lnxpatch3369. Extract the files into the UT2004 directory.
    Instructions for developers call for using CVS, which appears to be obsolete.
    Downloaded; extracted.
    Now ./ut2004 gives message “Couldn't run UT 2004 (ut2004-bin). Is UT2004_DATA_PATH set?”.
    Downloaded; extracted.
    Downloaded USARSim-manual_3.1.3.pdf
    ./ut2004 still gives message “Couldn't run UT 2004 (ut2004-bin). Is UT2004_DATA_PATH set?”.
    Go to Maps/3.31/ Download, (selecting “do not extract older files”).
    Same problem.

  • Stephen Balakirsky

    A couple of comments for you…
    1) You are correct that there are currently no road environments for the UDK version of USARSim. Please feel free to port over some of the old environments (you can export them to t3d and reimport them to the new editor) or create some from scratch. You can even try and use some of the game environments that are road based. USARSim is a community effort, and the entire community appreciates it when someone adds "missing" components. If it is "useless" to you, either find a different simulator, or help to add what is missing.
    2) After looking at the quick start page (honestly I did not even know that it existed), I can see why there is confusion. I have added an additional section to this page that points to and have updated the Iridium page which should now give you better information.
    3) I believe that your robot was in the world. However, the VMAC world is quite large, and the robot is small. You probably needed to search around until you found it.
    4) The paths needing to be rebuilt means that whomever saved the map the last time did not build it. This only affects game based avatars and is not a problem for USARSim. I will look into fixing this problem.
    5) I have no experience with the image server, and will await someone else to answer this issue.
    6) UT2004 is no longer supported by me. Anyone else can feel free to jump in here.

  • Sander van Noort

    The ImageServer warnings do not affect UsarSim from functioning, except for the ImageServer server itself. The ImageServer dll was compiled using Visual Studio 2010, so you might need Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (which might prevent UnrealScript from binding to the dll).

  • Julio Vilela

    Julio Vilela - 2012-10-14

    I succesffuly load a map, but I cant manage to run iridium.jar file. I get an error in a command promp window that rapidly disappears, so I managed to take a screen shot of it. It is an exception summary, and amongst other things I read "Unknown Source" for several classes that are trying to be loaded. I installed JDK as mentioned above but still no luck.
    Any suggestions?

  • Julio Vilela

    Julio Vilela - 2012-10-15

    Nevermind its working now. I got rid of the latest java update and replaced the file again with the original one from the latest UDK package, and its working again. Thanks.


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