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+You're looking at the readme for 'The Ur-Quan Masters', a volunteer
+project that intends to bring the classic game 'Star Control II' to
+modern systems.
+The program code that comprises 'The Ur-Quan Masters' was derived from code
+written by Toys for Bob, Inc. for the 3DO version of 'Star Control II', with
+their permission and encouragement.
+If you've got this file from the source tree, you can find everything
+you need to get started in INSTALL (INSTALL.mingw for MinGW) and
+The home page of the project is located at http://sc2.sourceforge.net/
+You can find links to downloads, our bug database, and our forum there.
+Have fun!
+Star Control II is a registered trademark of Accolade, Inc.
+All other trademarks and tradenames belong to their respective owners.