Any updates soon?

  • Kira

    Kira - 2013-03-09

    I don't know about everyone else.. but two months without an update from the people working on this makes me worried.. news wise i mean, just thought i'd see if everything was ok Because i would like to see this project continue x.x and HD avalible to those of us who can't play it at 1280x960, but anywho i'd just be happy to hear that this hasn't been abandoned.

    If not then keep up the good work~

  • Jaakko Markus Seppälä

    Don't worry! Work goes on wit UQM HD even as I'm typing this.

    You can follow the development real-time in our source-code repository:

    Go to source->changes on that site and see how active Damon has been lately, making the 640x480 graphics by the ton :)

    I bet the reason for the lack of public announcements on the development is just that: Damon's been busy doing the actual graphics whilst I've been doing the programming (although I've got to admit - I haven't been nearly as busy as busybody as our main graphician there lately... got to fix that soon ;)

  • Kira

    Kira - 2013-03-09

    Ah~ okies, thanks for the update! didn't know that was there~ mh! well either or i'm happy that it's still being worked on. o.o Never played the original but from what i've seen it'll be quite fun. >.>;; just kinda wanting to play through it with the hd-ness.. because, well.. it just looks better. XD

  • Kira

    Kira - 2013-03-09

    Wierd double post, mewp mewp.

    Last edit: Kira 2013-03-09
  • Kira

    Kira - 2013-09-06

    hmmm I'll Bump this a bit as now it seems there have been no updates since July.. Uh.. flails now that's worrying me again.. blargh.. not even on the update blod thingy.. Is this project still going or?...


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