Commit Date  
[r2039] by vapier

update autotool versions to stuff released in 2008

2013-05-09 02:17:01 Tree
[r2038] by vapier

fix warnings triggered by automake-1.13

2013-03-26 18:24:57 Tree
[r2037] by vapier

add support for libftdi-1.x

2013-03-24 04:57:38 Tree
[r2036] by vapier

xilinx fpga data files: add CFG_IN and CFG_OUT insns

Patch by Sébastien Bourdeauducq

2013-03-12 10:34:09 Tree
[r2035] by jiez

Blackfin specific register set/get functions

2010-01-29 Mike Frysinger <>
* include/urjtag/bfin.h, src/bfin/bfin.c, src/bfin/bfin-part-bfin.c: Switch
from local register_value to common urj_tap_register_get_value.

* include/urjtag/bfin.h (register_init_value): Remove declaration.
(register_value): Likewise.
* src/bfin/bfin.c (register_init_value): Rename to ...
(bfin_register_set_value): ... this. Localize. Call
urj_tap_register_set_value_bit_range. Update all references.
(register_value): Rename to ...
(bfin_register_get_value): ... this. Localize. Call
urj_tap_register_get_value_bit_range. Update all references.

2012-09-24 00:55:12 Tree
[r2034] by jiez

fix urj_tap_register_set_value_bit_range and urj_tap_register_get_value_bit_range for msb < lsb case

2012-09-23 17:22:19 Tree
[r2033] by jiez

python: Call PyErr_Clear after failed PyArg_ParseTuple to avoid spurious exception by Steve Tell

2012-09-21 13:50:27 Tree
[r2032] by jiez

fix a bug in ICE-100B cable driver

2012-09-20 20:45:30 Tree
[r2031] by jiez

bfin: update comment in part_emulation_return

* src/bfin/bfin.c (part_emulation_return): Point out that setting
NOP in EMUIR is a workaround for ICE-100B. Also move to state
UPDATE instead of IDLE when setting NOP in EMUIR.

2012-09-20 20:36:06 Tree
[r2030] by jiez

fix whitespaces errors
* include/urjtag/tap.h: Fix trailing space in comment of urj_tap_detect.
* src/tap/cable/ft2232.c (ft2232_ktlink_init): Fix trailing space.
* bindings/python/ Remove empty ending line.

2012-09-19 12:38:50 Tree
[r2029] by vapier

Add xc6slx9 stepping 2 by Xiangfu

2012-08-09 04:23:00 Tree
[r2028] by vapier

reject partially decoded decimal numbers

2012-08-06 17:09:59 Tree
[r2027] by vapier

add ability to read TDO signals via the pod command

2012-08-06 06:02:11 Tree
[r2026] by vapier

KT-LINK: use ft2232h helper for setting the frequency since it has a ft2232h part, not a ft2232

2012-04-13 22:48:06 Tree
[r2025] by vapier

add new ARM-USB-OCD-H cable by Jérôme Carretero

2012-04-11 02:56:05 Tree
[r2024] by vapier

add index= option for FTDI based USB cables to select between multiple devices

2012-03-10 18:18:58 Tree
[r2023] by vapier

glue the init/device usb 0.1 API to the 1.0 API

2012-03-07 04:59:54 Tree
[r2022] by vapier

New ft2232 KT-LINK driver by Tomek Cedro

2012-03-07 04:16:40 Tree
[r2021] by vapier

buses: convert to new urj_part_set_signal helpers to make code more readable (work by Miklós Márton)

2012-03-02 06:21:56 Tree
[r2020] by vapier

add helpers for controlling signal levels by Miklós Márton

2012-03-02 06:07:24 Tree
[r2019] by vapier

svf: guard against chain->cable being NULL

While processing:
cable ft2232 vid=0x0403 pid=0x6011
bsdl path .
svf ./orpsoc_top.svf stop progress

If the specified cable isn't present, jtag would SEGFAULT with this backtrace:
#0 urj_tap_cable_get_frequency (cable=0x0) at cable.c:529
#1 0x00007fefd4f4803a in urj_svf_run (chain=0x20562a0, SVF_FILE=0x20567b0, stop_on_mismatch=1, ref_freq=0) at svf.c:1117
#2 0x00007fefd4f40681 in cmd_svf_run (chain=0x20562a0, params=0x20565a0) at cmd_svf.c:83
#3 0x00007fefd4f3e9ad in urj_cmd_run (chain=0x20562a0, params=0x20565a0) at cmd_cmd.c:276
#4 0x00007fefd4f4438d in urj_parse_line (chain=0x20562a0, line=0x2056520 "svf ./orpsoc_top.svf stop progress") at parse.c:165
#5 0x00007fefd4f44447 in urj_parse_stream (chain=0x20562a0, f=0x20562e0) at parse.c:207
#6 0x00007fefd4f4456b in urj_parse_file (chain=0x20562a0, filename=0x7fff90576b92 "./program_fpga.jtag") at parse.c:235
#7 0x00000000004016c1 in main (argc=2, argv=<optimized out>) at jtag.c:486

This patch changes urj_svf_run to guard against chain->cable being NULL.

Patch by Scott Tsai

2012-03-02 06:03:17 Tree
[r2018] by vapier

add xc6slx16 stepping 2 by Christoffer Kjølbæk

2012-03-01 04:39:21 Tree
[r2017] by vapier

python bindings by Steve Tell

2011-12-11 03:04:57 Tree
[r2016] by vapier

Add get/set register value variants that allow you to get a slice of bits. Patch by Steve Tell.

2011-12-11 02:10:34 Tree
[r2015] by vapier

add error checking to more register helpers; patch by steve tell

2011-12-11 01:50:15 Tree
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