xc3s400an support?

  • Ben Burleson

    Ben Burleson - 2011-12-21

    We are using a Xilinx xc3s400an FPGA and would like to use urjtag to program it via software. I don't see this device listed in the xilinx PARTS file, and when I try to detect devices, it recognizes it as a Xilinx device, but it does not recognize the model.

    Does urjtag support the xc3s300an? If so, where can I find the data files to support it? If not, what options are there to 'hack' support for this device? Where do the different device data files come from?


  • Ben Burleson

    Ben Burleson - 2012-01-04

    It turns out the data file for xc3s400an is the same as xc3s400a. So the same files can be used, but a new line in the xilinx PARTS file needs to be added for the new part ID, and the part directory needs to be added with proper file names.

    If admins monitor this I can send whatever you need to fold support back into the main project so future users can seamlessly support this part.


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