BSDL files and STD_1149_6_2003

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-16

    I'm trying to detect a device which has a "use STD_1149_6_2003.all" statement and there is no STD_1149_6_2003  in the bsdl directory. How can I obtain the STD_1149_6_2003 file? Is it from HP or IEEE? Or will it end up in the urjtag distribution shorty?

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-17

    I found the content of the file in the IEEE standard .

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-17

    Even with the STD_1149_6_2003 file in place it seems like it does not recognize the device based upon the BSDL file:

    Connected to libftdi driver.
    IR length: 10
    Chain length: 1
    Device Id: 00000010010100000011000011011101 (0x00000000025030DD)
    <*  Manufacturer: Altera
      Unknown part!
    chain.c(149) Part 0 without active instruction
    chain.c(200) Part 0 without active instruction
    chain.c(149) Part 0 without active instruction

    But the BSDL file contains the right IDCODE

    attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of EP2AGX125EF35 : entity is
    "0000"&               --4-bit Version
    "0010010100000011"&   --16-bit Part Number
    "00001101110"&        --11-bit Manufacturer's Identity
    "1";                  --Mandatory LSB

    If I try a different FPGA it works:

    Connected to libftdi driver.
    IR length: 20
    Chain length: 2
    Device Id: 00000010000010100100000011011101 (0x00000000020A40DD)
    <  Filename:     ./EPM2210F256.BSD
    Device Id: 00000010010000001001000011011101 (0x00000000024090DD)
      Filename:     ./EP4SGX230FF35.bsd
  • rams

    rams - 2012-08-18

    Can you share the STD_1149_6_2003  file with me and also how did you fix this problem?


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