usage of bsdl dump

  • Jeff Wittrock

    Jeff Wittrock - 2009-03-04

    From what I understand the "bsdl dump" now takes the place of the bsdl2jtag application.

    I am trying to convert several bsdl files to the native urjtag format using the bsdl dump command.  Is there an easy way to capture the output of this to a file?  In other words, I could just pipe the output to a file if I were calling bsdl2jtag, but I'm just wondering how to do this with the bsdl dump command.

    I guess I can write a script that would contain the bsdl dump command for each file, and launch urjtag with this script and pipe its output to a file, but just wondering if there is an easier way to do this.


    • Arnim Läuger

      Arnim Läuger - 2009-03-08

      There's no better way at the moment unfortunately. A true replacement for bsdl2jtag is still pending.

      There are some ideas how this could be achieved. E.g.
      could be used to build a simple wrapper script.


      • Arnim Läuger

        Arnim Läuger - 2009-03-08

        Forgot to mention a possibility that's close to the -c option from the tracker item:

        $ echo 'bsdl dump altera/ep1c12q240.bsd' | jtag > somefile

        will run just this command and dump the output to somefile.


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