#96 PPWDATA and PPWCONTROL ioclts take unsigned char not uint8_t

UrJTAG (102)
Yen Rui

<pedantic>unsigned char is not always identical to uint8_t.</pedantic>

The attached patch fixes this bug.


  • Yen Rui

    Yen Rui - 2009-04-28

    proposed patch

  • Arnim Läuger

    Arnim Läuger - 2009-05-07

    Two questions here:
    Shouldn't we change the prototypes in include/urjtag/parport.h accordingly?
    I assume this affects direct.c and ppi.c as well?

    I'll do these changes as well if you agree.


  • Arnim Läuger

    Arnim Läuger - 2009-05-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> arniml
  • Yen Rui

    Yen Rui - 2009-05-12

    proposed patch version 2

  • Yen Rui

    Yen Rui - 2009-05-12

    You are right, include/urjtag/parport.h and src/tap/parport/direct.c will need to change as well. I cannot confirm on src/tap/parport/ppi.c because I do not have a NetBSD system handy, but I believe that this one must remain uint8_t.

    Also, outb has the following prototype according to /usr/include/sys/io.h on my amd64 and i386 Linux systems:

    outb (unsigned char, unsigned short int);

    Updated attached patch to change include/urjtag/parport.h, src/tap/parport.c, src/tap/parport/direct.c and src/tap/parport/ppi.c, as well as src/tap/parport/ppdev.c.

  • Arnim Läuger

    Arnim Läuger - 2009-05-16

    Applied to urjtag/ as r1598, thanks!

  • Arnim Läuger

    Arnim Läuger - 2009-05-16
    • labels: --> UrJTAG
    • milestone: --> 0.x
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Kolja Waschk

    Kolja Waschk - 2017-02-12
    • Group: 0.x --> 0.17

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