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liburbi-matlab 2.0.0

The Urbi library for matlab has been updated for compatibility with the Urbi 2.0 RC kernel.

Posted by David FILLIAT 2009-05-07

Liburbi for matlab has been added

You can now download liburbi for matlab in the urbi-contrib svn. Packages are also available in the download section. Have fun.

Posted by Benoit Pothier 2007-06-12

opening of URBI Contrib

URBI (Universal RealTime Behoavior Interface) is a scripted command language used to control robots (AIBO, pioneer, LEGO Mindstorms NXT,...) as well as a robot-independant execution and developpement plateform.
You can contribute to the URBI project by developing applications and by proposing them here.

For more information on URBI language, you can go on the official site http://www.urbiforge.com
URBI is a technology developed by company GOSTAI http://www.gostai.com

Posted by Fredo_L 2007-04-24