Could you please elaborate on the different fields/options in the software installation module?
I've been fairly successful running uranos so far (meaning i've got it to install a win7 enterprise and joining it to a samba4 domain all in unattended mode), and now i'd like to move on to the software installation part.

I've been using the original "unattended" ( project since 2008 now (which you helped with regularly), and i'm quite familiar with that setup, but it seems uranos has evolved a lot in that time, and the documentation on the software module is kinda sparse. Honestly i dont understand how to do it.

For simplicity's sake, let's assume i want to install Foxit Reader (a PDF reader). I zould complete the following steps:
1. in the unattended setup i would write a script like this in the /z/scripts dir:

::Install Foxit Reader
::URL|ALL|http://Some.Download.URL|packages/foxit/foxitreaderinstall.msi "msiexec /i "%z%\packages\foxit\foxitreaderinstall.msi" DESKTOP_SHORTCUT="0" MAKEDEFAULT="1" VIEWINBROWSER="1" /passive /norestart /qn"

2. i would run tools/ which would download the file into the packages folder

How do i accomplish the same in uranos?



PS : you made a really great and decent product (love the OS templates, the pxe stuff, ...)! Gratz!

Michael De Groote
ICT-coordinator Sint-Pietersschool Korbeek-Lo
ICT-support Sancta Maria Basisschool Leuven