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Discontinuation of the project.

I've discontinued support for this project.

At first, I've lost interest when the first Uptimes Project (at uptimes.net) stopped. Then a long time passed, until I recently discovered the new Uptimes Project (at uptimes.wonko.com).

I've decided to make a new client (Linup) for the project. Upython was badly written, was sluggish and had some serious bugs. I've now written a new client (in C, not Python) that is (I hope) much more bug-free, and much quicker and lighter. It works in Linux right now, but I'm thinking of expanding it to other Unix OSs. Currently, you can get it at ftp://ftp.smux.net/people/sena/linup/, but if/when the Sourceforge request is approved, you'll be able to get it throught http://linup.sourceforge.net/.... read more

Posted by Joao Sena Ribeiro 2002-03-05

UPython 2.0

UPython 2.0 is out. It is now a daemon. Check release notes for this release for more information.

Posted by Joao Sena Ribeiro 2000-07-18

UPython 1.6 is out!

UPython 1.6 is out, now supporting (hoefully!) any UNIX operating system. Your system just needs to have Python (of course), and two utilities: uname and vmstat.

This new version has been tested on Linux and FreeBSD (2.2.16 and 4.0-RELEASE). Please feel free to test it on other operating systems and mail me (sena@decoy.ath.cx) with the result (beware that it will NOT run on Windows operating systems).... read more

Posted by Joao Sena Ribeiro 2000-07-17

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