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UPXshell in 2007

First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Yea i know im late with that. But better late then never.
Anyway, to let you all know that i ain't doing nothing on UPXshell.
I Did some few changes.

  • Fixed Help Button. (Thx Euler for reporting)
  • Fixed 'Clear History' Translation. (Thx Euler for reporting)
  • Fixed UPX Version Combobox.
  • Fixed Bug in file scrambler with files smaller then ~11KB. (Thx BloodySword for reporting)
  • Some other small code changes.
  • Updated UPX to versions v2.03 and v2.91 Beta.... read more
Posted by Dextra 2007-01-23

UPXshell - October Beta/Alpha Release

Well, it sure has been a while, but it is there.
First of all.. This is a PRE-BETA/ALPHA, so there can be some buggy's etc..
Although i have tested it, it could be that there are some stupid mistakes. If you encounter them, please add them to the Bug Reports.
Or mail them to me by clicking on BlackDex in the About Tab.

Well i won't hold you any long from downloading this new release.
Go to the SourceForge Download Page.... read more

Posted by Dextra 2006-10-18

Working on UPXshell

Im currently working on UPXshell.
And i need to change a lot.
Im going to integrate 3 UPX versions, v1.25, v2.02, v2.90 (Current Beta).
Also, im making it posible to have a custom UPX version in the root dir of UPXshell without it being the one used everytime.
So a custom upx.exe won't disable the usage of the intergrate versions.
I Have fixed a bug in detecting the external UPX version, it now supports v0.6 till v2.9, so that should cover all the versions i have encounterd.
The options window will only support v1.25 till the latest beta. So LZMA will be an option if you select the v2.90, or if you have a external version higher then v2.90.... read more

Posted by Dextra 2006-10-17

Slow process on UPXShell

Hello there.
I know it now taks to much time. And im sorry for that.
Im still working on UPXshell, so don't wurry.

In the mean while, you can still use the latest UPX version with UPXshell.

Just download the latest UPX exe from upx.sf.net.
Extract the .exe file and rename it to upx.exe.
After that, copy/past it in the root of UPXshell and in the GUI select 1.9x as the UPX version.
This should activate the right features and uses the latest UPX version.... read more

Posted by Dextra 2006-10-13

Working on UPX v2.x support

Hello there,

It has been a while.
Im working on implementing the new features of the v2.x versions of UPX.

I currently stumble upon a prob i try to fix.
After that i will need to do some code checking etc.. but i will keep you all posted.


Posted by Dextra 2006-08-23

News update on UPXshell with v2 support

Man.. it is quit hard to get something done..
I Don't want to let you all down...
Had some problems with my computer etc..
Going on vacation in a few days.

After my vacation i promis i will get more work done.
In the mean while.

If any of you have any sugestions, please mail them, or post them in the features
request part on this page (See the links on the top).

Posted by Dextra 2006-07-28

UPXshell in 2006

It has been a while since i last posted an message.
I Want to asure you that there is still progress.
The original author (ION T) has made some updates and bug fixes.
Also he created an easyer way to create the language files.

Two day's ago a new version of UPX Beta came online.
I Will implement this new version, and check if there are some obvious bugs left.
If all goes well, i will put the new Beta/RC version online.
This update will include all the updated language files, including the once mailed to me a few day's ago.

Posted by Dextra 2006-04-11

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