Decompression Win7

  • Torsten Karusseit

    during decompression I'm facing two problems:

    decompressing from within an administrator account works fine, but from within a normal user account not.
    It seems caused by not completly decompressing all parts of my application:
    in admin account there is jre and a install.jar in the temp-directory
    while in user account there is only the jre decompressed.
    Since I'm not sure, is there an option for logging during decompression ?

    if the user is named with utf-8 characters then I get following error message:
    Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\users\??\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS739F.tmp\install.jar
    from the java vm launcher, where ?? is the user name.
    After looking with a process explorer I found that the java vm throwing this error is not the one which used to be (..\Temp..\jre\bin\java.exe) but the one which is installed on this system.
    Searching in the C:\users\??\AppData\Local\Temp\7zS739F.tmp\ directory from the admin account (in the user account this directory is not accessable) I found it empty (no jre and no install.jar)

    Please remember: decompression from within an admin account works and with winXP it works also.
    May you give me any hints to investigate further ?
    Thank you

  • László Molnár

    I'm not sure I can help with your problem, as UPX has no java installer.

  • Torsten Karusseit

    I know,
    after some investigation with procmon
    it seems that the decompressing process deletes the decompressed files
    after it recognized the end of the program
    it has started due to its configuration parameters: ;!@Install@! ... ;!@InstallEnd@!
    Am I getting right in that ?

  • László Molnár

    Sorry, this makes no sense to me. UPX is distributed in a plain .zip file. After decompressing the package you can execute it by using the command prompt. Your problem seems to be completely unrelated to UPX.


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