GUI that works for all modes releases

  • Faze

    Faze - 2012-06-30

    With that I am trying to unpack various upx that are not modified or custom passworded etc. Still with any upx unpacker gui I try none can unpack them. About time UPX team built and maintained a GUI for UPX that works not matter how packed with a UPX binary (unmodified).

    Sure I also tried the one in the downloads and that one even fails. Time we had better can't be that hard for UPX team to maintain one, can it !

  • Faze

    Faze - 2012-07-01

    Excuse the above I was wrong have just checked with pied and Advanced Scan (Diabloo2oo2 plugin) (9431 in database) showing that all known ep_only are not upx signatures. As sometimes happens what is shown in the hex is not always correct even if it says UPX1.

    Pied itself without plug-in use all say UPX v2.0 -> Markus, Laszlo & Reiser  * or say nothing.

    Meaning these are packed with custom or other packer. While Trid hasn't a clue as usual. Time to use other options for these.

    Prefer GUI over Command Prompt each time for any software including UPX options


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