need help with XP environment variables

  • Tom

    Tom - 2008-05-21

    hello all,

    I'm running xp, sp2. I just unzipped unxutils and started playing with it.

    I set environment variables so I could execute the commands from any directory,
    but the 'find' command fails unless I run it directly from wbin.

    I put these in the User Variables section, not System Variables section...
    unxutilspath   C:\unxutils
    Path           %Path%;%unxutilspath%\bin;%unxutilspath%\usr\local\wbin;
    INCLUDE        %INCLUDE%;%unxutilspath%\usr\local\include;
    LIB            %LIB%;%unxutilspath%\usr\local\lib;
    SHARE          %unxutilspath%\usr\local\share;

    if run find outside wbin, I get this error
    C:\>find c:\test -name *.pdf
    File not found - *.pdf

    if I run from wbin, these are the results
    C:\unxutils\usr\local\wbin>find c:\test -name *.pdf

    how do I set my environment variables so find will work from any directory?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Tom

      Tom - 2008-05-22

      never mind. I think I figured it out.

      I put the path to unxutils behind all the other executable folders.
      So I was picking up the xp find, not the unxutils find.

      For now, I'll just run the unx commands from the install folder.



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