tail -f [Filename]

  • Bernhard

    Bernhard - 2007-08-30

    On Windows XP, renaming a filename, which is currently tailed with "tail -f"
    (name or dewscriptor) cannot be renamed.

    The rename command shows an error message: This process can't access this file, since it is used by another process.

    tail seems to lock the file - how can this be circumvented?

    Thanks a lot,


    • nhelder

      nhelder - 2008-02-06

      This is also a problem if you're following a log that normally gets moved to a different filename at the end of each day (a daily rolling log file).

      What ends up happening is the move of the log you're following fails and then the current log file gets cleared so logging can continue, which essentially negates the "daily rolling" aspect of the log file (at most you can see 24 hours of log data).

      I love the ability to tail -f log files... but it would be really, really nice if tailing them didn't result in the file being locked.


        - Nathan


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