dd and compact flash

  • Davide Strepparava

    Hi to all,
    I want to use dd.exe to backup the hard disk (mbr + partitions) of a CF card (512 Mb). The HD is so divided:
    - an EXT2 partition (450 MB)
    - a swap partition (62 MB)

    The problem is that I don't know the device name that dd.exe uses for the CF. I try to explain it better with an example: if I want to create a CD-ROM image I have to use the following comand:
    dd if=\\.\CdRom0 of=c:\<filename>.img

    Thi is possible because I know that \\.\CdRom0 for dd.exe is the CD-ROM reader and I act consequently, but which is the name of a CF connected to the PC via USB reader? Is there some comand that list all the devices names like fidsk -l on Unix?

    Thank you in advance for the help.

    Bye, Davide


    • Davide Strepparava

      I solve the problem. My WinXP consider the CF as PhysicalDrive1, so "dd if=\\.\PhysicalDrive1 of=c:\<filename>.img" is the right comand. I try a backup and a restore on a new CF and all works well. dd is great!!



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