Paul Marshall - 2008-06-11

It's been a while since I was shell scripting regularly, but I thought that when the 'for' command was using a text files, it would loop through, 1 line at a time.

I've got it to read the input file, but it's reading the whole file, instead of 1 line at a time ....
Details below

Any ideas?
Is this is a limitation of UnxUtils?  Or is it my poor code?

Input file (test.txt) like this:

line1entry1    line1entry2    line1entry3
line2entry1    line2entry2    line2entry3
line3entry1    line3entry2    line3entry3

Running script ( like this:

export INPUTFILE="D:\\\\temp\\\\test.txt"

for ENTRY in `cat $INPUTFILE`

Results in:

INPUTFILE = D:\temp\test.txt
ENTRY = line1entry1
ENTRY = line1entry2
ENTRY = line1entry3
ENTRY = line2entry1
ENTRY = line2entry2
ENTRY = line2entry3
ENTRY = line3entry1
ENTRY = line3entry2
ENTRY = line3entry3