How to use UnxUtils

  • Karim Zerioh

    Karim Zerioh - 2005-11-25


    I extracted the zip archive to c:\.

    Now i don't know what to do. I runned the sh executable in the bin directory. But once in the shell several commands are unrecognizable (ls, cp, ...) only pwd works.
    What i want is to be able to run make for java programs.

    So please show me how to do this or tell me where i can find documentation for new comers.

    Thank you

    • Grimboy

      Grimboy - 2006-02-15

      You'll have to put the appropriate directories (e.g. "usr/bin") in your path.

    • Stan Berka

      Stan Berka - 2006-09-19

      I think, it's not usr/bin amymore!  I have installed it today, and it's usr\local\wbin that needs to be added to the PATH.

      It works great, though!

      Why does the sh.exe in bin folder require cygwin, if the whole purpose of the project was not to require to install it?



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