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MacOS/X Alpha Status

MacOS/X is generated using Eclipse's cross platform delta pack. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a MacOS/X system. So, I have not done any testing on it. I would love to work with someone who uses OS/X and who is willing to test the OS/X code. Please contact me at dlknappinfo@att.net. Thanks.

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2011-11-25

V1R1M1 Uploaded

V1R1M1 provides corrects drag-and-drop which stopped working in the previous release. It also corrects problem in the default TXT Viewer which only worked for Windows 64-bit. Added DEB and RPM for Linux distributions.

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2011-11-25

Uploading V1R1M0

Supports Windows 64bit, Linux 32bit and 64bit, MacOSx is provided as alpha code

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2011-10-10

Uploaded V1R0M6

V1R0M6 corrects problems extracting PDS/e load library members and displaying them with SeeHex.exe program

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2011-01-17

V1R0M5 Corrects display for LOADLIB Members

Added logic to display load library members in EBCDIC hex dump format.

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2011-01-09


Corrected error where unxmit failed for XMIT files unloaded from PDS with 16 extents. Added help HTML file

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2010-12-19

Uploaded unXmit V1R0M1

V1R0M1 contains improvements to Profile Tab including changeable fields containing unXmit's logfile and temporary work directory. Also includes tooltips describing fields on Profile Tab

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2010-12-08

Installer Provided

Packaged unxmit and unxmitc using NSIS installer script. Installs unxmit into Program Files (x86) directory. Script also installs JAVA if below required release level.

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2010-11-16

Standard Java Runtime Supported

V0.0.4 removes requirement for International Version of JRE

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2010-11-13

Support for variable-length records

V0.0.3 includes support for variable-length records. Also fixed problem where fixed-length records greater than 80 were truncated.

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2010-10-31

Updated Startup

Oct 13, 2010 – Added progress bar to monitor the progress of first pass through data

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2010-10-14

Project Creation

The goal of this software was a teaching exercise for me. This program is my first JAVA program. Additionally, I am not a workstation programmer; my experience is in mainframe programming.

There are three initial objectives for this software:
1.Support for unpacking PDS/E files as well as regular PDS files.

2.Support XMIT files imbedded inside XMIT files.

3.Publish source so that others can contribute features.... read more

Posted by DLKnappinfo 2010-09-26

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