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New release

Complete with collision detection.. YAY!!

Ehe, it doesn't do anything about them.. Just detects them.. :)

Posted by Paul Richards 2001-09-05

Going on holiday

I'm going on holiday camping for a week, I'll be back Sunday.

I've done a lot of work towards the collission detection bounding box trees. The code has been checked into CVS. It would be nice if someone would take a look over it, but er.. Not very likely really.. Infact I bet nobody even reads this note.. :)

Let me know if you've been so lucky as to read it..

Posted by Paul Richards 2001-08-26

Win32 release

Er yus.. I've made this release just to get some feedback.. There is no Linux release just yet because it's better to just download the source from CVS.

Posted by Paul Richards 2001-08-23

CVS is up

Well the source/data have been put into CVS. The data dir may requre the -pd flag for downloading, tho not sure on details of that yet..

Er. Am having trouble getting a Win32 binary release up, but I'll have that sorted soon.

Posted by Paul Richards 2001-08-22