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Unnamed-RPG Does the Dirty Work

Unnamed-RPG. Why is it unnamed? That's because Unnamed-RPG (URPG) is your RPG.

"Huh? What are you talking about," you ask? It's simple. URPG isn't named because you are the creator of your role-playing game. The URPG project was created to develop a system of tools and automatic code generators for use in development based on the Rolemaster(TM) laws (or rule sets).

"Wait, back up. What is this 'Rolemaster'?" Well, Rolemaster is a set of books, much like D&D(TM), which outline a set of "laws" that are guidelines for role-playing. Where Rolemaster differs from D&D is in it's complexity. Rolemaster is a much more complex system of rules. So complex even, that sitting down to play it is very involved and time-consuming.... read more

Posted by Kevin Lanni 2004-10-16