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We work on a SSI linux-based OS. As we are able to
hotplug nodes on a cluster, the number of processors
and the amount of memory can change. Could 'top' be
aware of this feature?

Regards, Jean Parpaillon


  • William LeFebvre

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    First, let's make sure we are talking about the same "top".
    Linux comes with its own thing called "top" that is
    unrelated to top. If the output of "top -v" says it is
    version 3.2.5 then you are running Linux's own version of
    top. I have nothing to do with that piece of software. To
    the best of my knowledge, the linux port of top re-reads
    memory information on every refresh and should be able to
    track changes in total memory. Top also currently does not
    produce a per-cpu breakdown (except in cases where vendors
    have altered it for their own distributions). Future
    versions of top will have this feature but for the time
    being it is not available. But the cpu states information
    that top displays should remain an aggregate across all
    available cpu's, even after some have been hot-swapped in
    and out.

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