Unit "m", what does it mean?

  • kaputtnik

    kaputtnik - 2009-01-26


    I am using top in Version 3.2.7, wich is the version of Ubuntu 8.04. The Output shows in some cases an "m" as unit, in some cases no unit:
    Mem:   1945328k total,   750936k used,  1194392k free,    33884k buffers
    Swap:   120448k total,        0k used,   120448k free,   453240k cached

      PID USER     SWAP  RES  VIRT %CPU %MEM COMMAND                               
    7392 kaputtni 115m  55m  170m    2  2.9 amarokapp -session 10117c9d6bb000123287
    8490 kaputtni  69m  66m  135m    0  3.5 /usr/lib/opera/9.63/opera -style qtcurv
    7395 kaputtni  57m  30m 90040    0  1.6 kmail -session 10117c9d6bb0001232893970
    (Note that this is an individual output setting). I think Digits without "m" means "KB". But what is the meaning of "m"?
    Swap summery tells me "0k used", but swap-colummn tells me anything in there.

    Thx for an answer

    • Dan Nelson

      Dan Nelson - 2009-04-17

      You aren't running unixtop; you're running GNU top.  Unixtop uses capital K for KB and M for MB.


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