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individual threads/Solaris 5.10/top3.7

Dave Price
  • Dave Price

    Dave Price - 2008-02-29

    Dear All,
    Having compiled Top 3.7 on Solaris 5.10 I now find that if I try to select H or t to request details of individual thread I get a response of "Command not available".

    Is this expected?   Is that not available on Solaris 5.10 or what?

    The normal display certainly knows about multiple threads and has the LWP
    column which has sensible numbers in it.
    Dave Price

    • William LeFebvre

      This is expected behavior.  The code to display individual threads does not yet exist in the solaris port.  Currently that functionality is only supported for linux and freebsd.  I will add it to my list of things to do, but didn't want to hold up 3.7 in order to add it.

    • Dave Price

      Dave Price - 2008-02-29

      That would be great.  We have been chasing a problem here of high job load and it transpireed to be multiple threads from one process.  Having support for this would be good.  Thanks, Dave Price


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