Top 3.6 Erratic Behaviour?

  • mc2104dave

    mc2104dave - 2006-05-30

    I just had a question about top v3.6, I previously used the 3.5 series.  I'm using this on Solaris 9 and/or 10, and I'm seeing some odd behaviour, especially when monitoring the cpu cycle times compared to the included 'prstat' command.

    I'm seeing top's CPU optimization seemingly way off the mark, it jumps from 20 to 80, then 128 then 30% Where in prstat covers around the expected value of ~40%.  I'm not sure what's happened, but the 3.5 series was in line with prstat, now 3.6 appears to be way off, and I can't 'trust' it's reporting.  I complied this on either sol 9 or 10 using studio 11

    Anyone else noticed this strange behaviour?

    • William LeFebvre

      Try version 3.6.1.  There was a bug with per-process cpu percentage reporting under solaris that was fixed in 3.6.1.


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