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Version 3.0.0

The 3.0.0 version (which is slightly backwards incompatible) represents several years of minor improvements stemming from the use of unit++ in a major project at work.

To improve usability some the macro track started in the 2 series has been finished and new easy to use macros handles normal member function test cases as well as exception generating member function cases.

The html documentation has disappeared, since doc++ has vanished from my world---one day I will set up doxygen properly, but not today. ... read more

Posted by Claus Dræby 2009-09-09

cmake support

Thanks to Clive Crous I have obtained a CMakeLists.txt for using cmake to generate makefile for the unit++ project.

Clive tells that he has generated unit++ for MinGW and linux, so this might help other people out there.

Thank you, Clive :)

Posted by Claus Dræby 2007-09-13

file:line error reports

This feature was requested in the project I'm working at, since we use unit++ from inside vim.

The new feature allows the failed assertions to be interpreted by the IDE, hence to capture and use failed test for lists or placing the cursor.

Unfortunately this had to use preprocessor macros. This has forced some incompatibilities with the previous release:
1) fail() has changed to assert_fail()
2) assert_true and assert_eq might wreck havoc, if they have been used as names for something else, where unit++.h is included.

Posted by Claus Dræby 2007-07-29

Visual Studio Support

Lews Therin has provided the workings for VS 2003: a project file.

I have included it, but I have no way of testing it.

Posted by Claus Dræby 2006-05-28

Unit++ as debian package

Some of the nice guys at debian (martin f krafft) has made debian packages out of Unit++.

Hence debian users can install the unit++ library with:
apt-get install -t unstable libunit++-dev
and the doc (/usr/share/docs/libunit++-doc/html):
apt-get install -t unstable libunit++-doc


Posted by Claus Dræby 2004-04-28

Rel 1.2.3 available

As pointed out by Carlo Wood (thanks for the patch) it was difficult to write local test runners due to the oversight that some of the header where not released.

That has now been remedied.

Furthermore I made a slight improvement to the Qt autoconf macro allowing it to configure with my Debian Qt3 version. And the GUI actually works with Qt3 `-)

Posted by Claus Dræby 2004-04-08

Without a clue on how to unit++?

From Mats Wolpers I have received a fine tale of how it was uning unit++ when every aspect of C++ was fresh and new. It might prove a good place to start if other novices are undertaking the endeavour to teach thenselves C++ accompanied by responsible use of unit tests. Thanks a lot Mats.

Posted by Claus Dræby 2003-04-01

Given up on VC++ 6.0

I have given up compiling unit++ on VC++ 6.0.

The apparent errors are fixable (by refraining from using for_each), but using a test suite triggers an internal error in the compiler. It looks like problems resolving the exception handling core needed from a blok with some temporary testcase objects.

This is not to my liking, I hate giving up, but I have no further insight to offer.

Best regards,

Posted by Claus Dræby 2003-01-07

Pretty stable (minor fix)

The code have been working now for half a year without complaints, except one: The exit codes true/false was swapped.

The bug fix has now finally been released...

Posted by Claus Dræby 2002-09-24

Version 1.2

ASdded GUI (Qt based); incorporated some port fixes from several guys, see the change log; thanks to the contributors!

Posted by Claus Dræby 2002-02-23

Unit++ configure macro

Thanks to Kenn Knowles there is now a m4 macro to deternine unit++ location in configure for projects that want to depend on it.

There is no package release since that is still waiting for me to get time to finish my GUI endeavour.


Posted by Claus Dræby 2002-02-16

Rel 1.1, C++ unit tests with configure

Autoconf/configure maintained installation has been added, so the makefile should now support a wider range of environments.

Life would be substantially easier if we could all agree on the suffixes of sources and object modules *SIGH*

Posted by Claus Dræby 2001-11-09

1 Bug; future directions

Release 1.0.1 corrects a minor bug in the makefile.

Future plans includes a signal handling system, that gives a test a chance of surviving a illegal something.

And I would like a feature that hijacks the std err stream, so that things written on cerr during a test only is displayed if the test fails.

Posted by Claus Dræby 2001-11-08

Version 1.0 released

The first production version is released

Posted by Claus Dræby 2001-10-28

First version released

It has performed one test suite succesfully, the test suite for itself.

Posted by Claus Dræby 2001-10-24

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