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2.04 released

Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Posted by Yury Finkel 2003-01-30

UniRed 2.03 released

Happy Old New Year! ;)

Posted by Yury Finkel 2003-01-13

2.02 released

Happy New Year!

Posted by Yury Finkel 2002-12-31

1.12 released

Some bugfixes and improvements.

Posted by Yury Finkel 2002-02-19

1.11 released

Minor bugfixes

Posted by Max Belugin 2001-12-06

1.10 is out

* Fixed many small and big bugs.
+ Menu "Windows".
+ Cloning of window (simultaneous editing one file in many windows).
* When file type is changing (in the properties) those attributes
are correctly refreshing (highlighting, macros, substitutions etc.)
+ Syntax highlighting of long files is implemented asynchronously
(first roughly, than - parallelly - clean).
- In file Ini\fiters.ini there are registered filters, common to all
file types, and in files Filter\*.ini are filters for respective types.
+ Speeded up text drawing.

Posted by Max Belugin 2001-11-28

1.01 is out

This is a bugfix release. Now we can start to implement new features.

Posted by Max Belugin 2001-10-08

1.0 is out

+ Ability to call external filter.
- Changed view of the structure tree (source code browser).
+ The structure tree is build simultaneously with the main work and
is automatically rebuild when text changes.
+ Added menu item "Structure" to the main menu.
- Changes in the interface of external compiler call.
- ISpell starts only once nur during all session of UniRed.
* Fixed bug: the recent files list in the menu "File" was not refreshing.
* Fixed many bugs.
- No longer used the library AGLib.
+ UniRed is now compatible with Delphi 6.
- Used new version of regular expression library.
+ Somewhat speeded up text painting.
+ Now it is able to use proportional fonts.
+ Help is now in chm format (but the old system also can work).

Posted by Max Belugin 2001-10-01

version 0.999 is out!!!

Changes are the following
0.999 beta (25-jun-2001):
- Modern interface (movable toolbars and menu bar).
+ Call of external compilers and processing of errors.
+ Source code browser (Max Belugin).
* Some bugs fixed.

Posted by Max Belugin 2001-06-25

Now in sourceforge

We are moving to sourceforge. Welcome!

Posted by Max Belugin 2001-06-13