#52 SMS find() operation

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Server-side "find" would be a very powerful addition to the current SMS interface.
Implementation-wise this would probably imply enhancing the XNJS/TSI interface as well, to be able to seamlessly use the OS implementation of "find", where available.
Probably only a subset of the full functionality of the UNIX "find" command is feasible/required, but at least "find -name ... " has to be supported.


  • Roger Menday

    Roger Menday - 2008-08-11

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    [Related to this issue, and to #2040153 - should probably be a issue all my itself]

    More generally perhaps I think the requirement at the Unicore Atomic Services (UAS) level, could be referred to as *collection filtering*. And it should be able to take place over an resource which is a *collection*. i.e. a Directory, but also a collection of Jobs. The filter filters according to properties which make sense to that collection - i.e. for jobs, "jobs which have changed state somehow in the past 2 hours" - similar for files. Furthermore the filter can be instructed to limit the number of returned results (as in #2040153). Over data resources, I'm liking the expression 'grind' - a combination of find and grep. The find can be instructed to limit the depth to which find looks. An optional grep filter can be run over the results of the find. It could be that the regular listDirectory primitive of UNICORE is grind with a depth of 1.

    We should also consider 'other' repositories for data, which are not filesystems in the traditional UNIX sense ...

    I think this "collection filtering" is 1 of 5 key pieces of functionality which we should think about for a UAS 2.0.
    I am in the process of writing this up.

  • Bernd Schuller

    Bernd Schuller - 2009-02-04
    • status: open --> closed
  • Bernd Schuller

    Bernd Schuller - 2009-02-04

    done (as SMS.find() operation basically delegating to the XNJS). Roger's proposal goes beyond this and should be a separate tracker item


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