#576 With NOBATCH long running jobs skip the RUNNING state

TSI (16)

In my NO-BATCH TSI deployments, I see that a job that takes more execution time skips any transition to the Running state. During the execution phase it continuously returns the QUEUED state until the STAGINGOUT/SUCCESSFUL state is reached. It means except Running it doesn't miss other states STARTED / STAGINGIN / STAGINGOUT / SUCCESSFUL.

This behavior is not observed while running the same job on a Embedded or batch-TSI deployments.

As an example I am submitting a "dd" job that generates a big file of size ~5-10 GB. For reference the sample jsdl instance is attached under. Of course data staging target needs to be adjusted to your path. By the way I see the same behavior while submitting long sleep jobs.


  • Bernd Schuller

    Bernd Schuller - 2012-08-22
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Bernd Schuller

    Bernd Schuller - 2012-08-27

    apparently not yet fixed

  • Bernd Schuller

    Bernd Schuller - 2012-08-27
    • status: closed-fixed --> open-accepted
  • Bernd Schuller

    Bernd Schuller - 2012-08-28
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed
  • Bernd Schuller

    Bernd Schuller - 2012-08-28

    sorry, but using the trunk version of the NOBATCH tsi I can't reproduce it.


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