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Driver moved to Git.

Due to sourceforges lacklustre CVS service, and due to X.org moving to git, i decided to follow Keith Packards lead.

Git is a very young but very powerful and versatile SCM. It's fast, distributed and does all sorts of nice things CVS users could've only dreamt of, and more.

The canonical source for the driver is now git://git.freedesktop.org/~libv/xf86-video-unichrome.git/
This can be browsed from http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=users-libv-xf86-video-unichrome... read more

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2006-04-11


Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2005-10-16

VIAs recent press release undermined.

A while ago VIA made a big press release about releasing source code, and it was run on a great many sites. As an example of acceptable journalistic practices, Jay Lyman went around and asked several parties about this press release.

The result is now being plugged on newsforge:

As already stated, many sites had the press release, but i doubt that many will cover this one. Bias is what the interweb is all about.... read more

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2005-05-05

via drm enters linux kernel.

The via drm module, heavily worked on by the unichrome project, but hosted by dri.sourceforge.net has now appeared in the 2.6.11-rc2-mm2 kernel patch, which is a good step into inclusion in the official kernel series and thus, of course, into common distributions. The included via version is 2.3.3, but since all via linux-core drm modules prior to 2.4.5 exhibit a bug that may kill your X server randomly, I still recommend fetching your drm module from dri.sourceforge.net... read more

Posted by Thomas Hellström 2005-02-03

Unichrome X release 30 is out.

Important information:
- XvMC now requires DRM 2.4.0
- Panel and TV will now only allow 60Hz

- up to date with the latest DRI/DRM
- fixes YUV2 issue alloc/free issues, increased overlay height to 1200
- vt162x support is somewhat abstracted and modetables have been reduced severely.

Code Contributors: Thomas Hellstrm, Alan Hourihane, Terry Lewis, Andreas Robinson, Luc Verhaegen.

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2005-01-29

VIAs CLEXF code is not free.

The source code that VIA distributes from its Open Source Developer Application Form (http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=151) does not meet the criteria of the Open Source Definition. (http://www.opensource.org/docs/definition.php)

Releases CLEXF40040 and CLEXF40047 contain several files with the following license:
"This PROPRIETARY SOURCE CODE contains proprietary information of both S3 Graphics, Inc. (S3G) & VIA Technologies, Inc. (VIA); Contents of this file shall not be disclosed to any 3rd party, copied or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part without prior written consent of S3G & VIA.... read more

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2005-01-14

Unichrome X release 29 is out.

This release fixes the following bugs:
- hardlock when returning to VT in certain modes.
- uninitialized Overlaysupported variable (blocking overlay)
- uninitialized colorkey.
- various fixes to V3 video engine.
- 4 accel bugs: blitter should now cover a larger fb area,
foreground colour, 8x8 pattern drawing, monochrome drawing.
- segfault when switching modes in drmless case.

This release includes a lot of cleanups and finally brings the driver below 1MB. (from 1027 to 984kB)... read more

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2004-12-31

Xine-lib 1-RC7 with unichrome support

Xine-lib 1-RC7 has been released with the unichrome-developed driver xxmc, which now has support also for standard XvMC and an extensive software fallback on
non mpeg1/2 streams and errors.

Check out http://www.xinehq.de


Posted by Thomas Hellström 2004-11-08

Xine in the wild

The unichrome xine plugin has grown up and moved away from home. Xine cvs now contains unichrome support. Just xine -V xxmc.

Posted by Ivor Hewitt 2004-10-12

Our first release

As you may have noticed already, we finally released something.
Unichrome xfree86 release 10 is waiting for you to test it!

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2004-03-07

xfree86 4.4.0 has been released.

David Dawes just announced that 4.4 has been released.

As a sidenote: the via source and some preliminary build instructions are avauilable in CVS.

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2004-02-29

Initial announcement

Welcome to the unichrome project.

We aim to:
- consolidate existing but scattered documentation, knowledge, code and effort,
- provide a breeding ground and testbed for large changes and experimental stuff (to be submitted to the relevant projects when deemed acceptable),
- provide binaries, packages, documentation and general user support.

All of this in close sync with the relevant projects. These projects are currently identified as Xfree86 and DRI/DRM but unichrome should not be limited to these projects only.... read more

Posted by Luc Verhaegen 2004-02-18