I'll send my Xf86config later. Try to put a drmWaitVblank in the XvMC lib, in the function
XvMCPutSurface just before the HW_LOCK is taken. This might not be the best place in the future but
it will show if it helps.

Does it work if you use a monitor?

The reason CPU saving is not working is probably that you're using 2.4?


Robert Clark wrote:
On Sun, 2004-09-12 at 14:51, Thomas Hellström wrote:

there should be no difference how Xine handles this with the xv and xxmc 
plugins, and I can't reproduce you problem here, AFAIK.

  I guess my configuration or hardware must be making a difference. Has
anyone else reported success with an MII6000?  If you're willing to send
me your X config, I can see if that makes a difference.

First suggestion would be to turn off unichrome CPU saving, to see if 
that affects the frame rate.

  If I turn CPU saving on, the frame rate drops to around 2fps and xine
warns about the large number of dropped frames. The CPU is still mostly
idle, though.

One difference between mythtv and Xine is that mythtv syncs frame 
updates to the vertical blanking period. This could also be implemented 
in viaXvMC or the xine plugin, thanks to Terry's vbl patch.

  I'm not sure I can follow the code, but do I just need a call to
drmWaitVBlank somewhere in xine-lib to try this? Is there anything
special that needs to be done to make sure the fields are updated in the
right order in an interlaced stream?