need help with KM400 on Acer 1350

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i'm a linux beginner and i need help to install your driver.
    I'm stuck with your "mini-howto" cause i can't find the "xc/program/..." directory you're talking about.

    I'm running Debian Sid with 2.6.9 kernel (i recompiled it a few days ago). XFree86 works fine currently with the vesa driver but of course i'd like to get some 3D-acceleration ...

    So where can i find this directory ? or how shall i start ?

    Pluto33 (

    • Alvin Koffman

      Alvin Koffman - 2004-11-08

      Good luck luck getting a strait answer. This is what little I know about the howto.

      Your EXPECTED to
      know how to use cvs
      have used cvs to build your xserver
      then use cvs to download and build against the above

      The dir your looking for will be made by cvs. I'd just like to know how to use the unichrome-X-r27 targz file. there's no configure, make, or readme or anything.

      I don't mean to sound like an ingrate, and I know I'll get flamed for this but not everyone was borne with a g++ compiler in our head.

    • Luc Verhaegen

      Luc Verhaegen - 2004-11-08

      g++ is a C++ compiler. There is little to no C++ code in the whole of X, and there is most certainly none involved in the unichrome X driver.

      X uses Imake, it is one of the last major software projects to do so, and people like daniel stone are working hard to change that.

      If you have installed X, you also get xmkmf installed (run info xmkmf). This allows one to cleanly build a driver (probably XvMC too) against a properly prepared X tree. This is the Imake way of doing things.

      You are not expected to know how to use CVS, even though the basic usage is outlined by sourceforge. The enormous time gap between release-26 and release-27 will hopefully not happen again.

      Please use

    • Alvin Koffman

      Alvin Koffman - 2004-11-08

      Thank you, that's the closest to a strait answer I've seen, I could hug you. That's the first time I've even heard of  xmkmf.

      What do you mean "a properly prepared X tree"? I upgraded from XFree 4.3 to 4.4 with rpms.

      I ran xmkmf then saw a Makefile so I ran make and got tons of errors pointing to via_driver.c

      I found this at viaarena but it's not what I call clear.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK Thx for the answer. I didn't know i had to build the tree with cvs cause i had just installed the x-server with the debian "magic" tool apt-get and i was looking for another package containing theses sources. Anyway i realised i have to upgrade to the version 4.4 since i am running the 4.3.  Pluto.


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