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Tony Grant
  • Tony Grant

    Tony Grant - 2004-02-19

    I have been reading so much source code over the last days my head swims (remember I am not a programmer - what is C??? =:-p).

    1. Working HW acceleration in a mainstream X11 video player. My first choice would be a pluggin for xine. It must work with DVD and DVB. I am yet to decide whether this is over my head or not.

    2. PVR software that works with HW mpeg. I am 1 hour off GMT so films on the BBC start a little late. And I'll be able to record kids programs for when they get back from schooll etc. This also means the other half can watch French TV while I'm recording a movie to disk. Yes dear, a second satellite dish on the house for the analog receiver...

    3. If all else fails I will buy a second hush to use as TV / PVR and give in to MythTV and FB. This option costing money puts the plan on "when free cash is available" mode. i.e. maybe in the years to come...

    Another project that interests me is making a "hushix" distribution - Fedora Core modified to install all the cle266 specific bits and pieces on a hush mini-itx. Fedora Core 2 with XFree 4.4 would have gotten most of the way there... Or maybe just a hush multimedia kit with various HW mpeg bits and pieces.

    that it from me


    • Luc Verhaegen

      Luc Verhaegen - 2004-02-20

      About 1) i think one should look into xvmc, but i have little to no knowledge about this sort of thing.

      I think that the general consensus is that this should be limited to the unichrome and infrastructure needed to make good/full use of the unichrome (even though little or no information is available) under xfree86/dri/drm (and possibly fb, we would very much welcome people who want to develop fb further as a part of this, as both can benefit from eachothers knowledge/information/code).

      My feeling about hw acceleration is that it should be part of the kernel (v4l?)  or as part of X, and that players or PVRs should make use of a generic api.

      We should be trying to provide packages and binaries (especially now that people are (imho incomprehensibly) boycotting X 4.4) for the various distributions. This will enable people to easily make use of the driver in its various states. This convenience will encourage testing. I'm not sure how a distribution will help most of the unichrome users.

    • Tony Grant

      Tony Grant - 2004-02-20

      The advantage of having HW acceleration (which for the innocent bystander is part of the graphics sub system) as a pluggin means that it is kernel and X version independant.

      I understand your feeling about the distribution issue. I am just trying to build a niche market here.

    • Ivor Hewitt

      Ivor Hewitt - 2004-02-20

      "2. PVR software that works with HW mpeg."
      Mythtv already does this just fine.


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