-epia 8 as first file release?

  • Luc Verhaegen

    Luc Verhaegen - 2004-02-20

    So, are we going to take -epia8 as the first file release?
    If so, how are we going to structure it (file release section wise)?
    - patch.compressed
    - x-cvs patched, tarball
    - binaries
    - are there packages?

    Thomas, if the complete patch makes it as a file release, it might be more managable to have each individual patch instead of the complete patch in the tracker?

    • Thomas Hellström


      Suggestion seems good.
      I have Mandrake packages but to be complete, this requires the whole X distribution (which I do have compiled but it takes up a lot of place). Otherwise the XFree86-server rpm should suffice if you use rpm --force --nodeps, but that, unfortunately, requires a HOWTO, which we probably should add as well.

      BUT, no need not to hurry ;-). I browsed around in the release section and it seems that you could edit a release later on, so maybe we could start as you suggest and if more is to be added (for example debian packages (luc) or ebuilds (jelle, maybe)) we could add them later on.


    • Luc Verhaegen

      Luc Verhaegen - 2004-02-21

      Hrm, just built via_drv.o outside of xfree86.

      There is very little info about an actual SDK/DDK, it largely boils down to: place it inside xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/, edit a .cf and then make world.
      Now, what i did was copy over the Makefile (after those were generated by dpkg-buildpackage), alter it to -I../include/ and then manually copy over each and every other header file the driver depended on.

      Works, but not smart in the long run, and i dont see users do this on regular basis.

      Anyway, its either this sort of solution (and creating a package with it subsequently) or just creating a package manually, i dont see putting up full Xen for each distro as a feasible option.

    • Luc Verhaegen

      Luc Verhaegen - 2004-02-21

      ok, that was daft: xmkmf, works like a charm it seems and quite straightforward and simple too. the reason why only "xmkmf" "make" and "make install" are mentioned is because that is all that it takes :)

    • Marc de Courville

      Luc, since I am also a debian user, my method so far was to build another XFree jailed into /opt not to interfere with current "old" (though now unstable is 4.3.0) vanilla debian package. Do you have a cleaner solution using standards rules adapted to 903?

    • Luc Verhaegen

      Luc Verhaegen - 2004-02-24

      Yeah, i was thinking about uploading a small full build howto and the necessary patches for the debian/ tree to cvs as soon as some initial steps were taken.


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