VA-10 / S3 Unichrome, which driver to use?

  • Sabit Anjum Sayeed

    I am using Abit's VA-10 mobo (KM400/VT8235) with S3 Unichrome graphics chipset. I have tried both drivers from viaarena (, with RH9 (Kernel 2.4.20/XF86 4.3) and custom built 2.6.3, but failed to run XFree86 over 640x480x8 resolution. Is there any alternative drivers that I should try?

    • Luc Verhaegen

      Luc Verhaegen - 2004-03-06

      Please use the driver as included in xfree86-4.4.0 or try our own release(s). You can find release 10 in the file section.


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