v3.50 Beta - Up-coming changes Preview

uniCenta oPOS v3.50 - Beta
Due for Release: 31 August 2013

This is Beta. DO NOT USE in a live production environment

Known Issues
1. uniCenta oPOS requires a correctly installed Java runtime(JRE) version 1.7
2. uniCenta oPOS v3.50 will not run on Macs from OSX 10.6 (Apple's Java limitation).
3. Apple OSX Mountain Lion

v3.50 - Beta
1. Inclusion of John L's enhancements and Bug fixes - see separate documents in
John L version.zip file.

Jack - uniCenta Fixes Enhancements
1. Bug: No resource bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle,key label.margin
Fix: Created pos_messages.properties.label.margin=Margin

  1. Bug: No resource bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle,key label.grossprofit
    Fix: Created pos_messages.properties.label.grossprofit=Gross Profit

  2. Enhancement: John L's work - Config panels component spacing adjusted to allow
    for touch input

  3. Enhancement: JPanelConfigDatabase.

    1. Move Button to 600 to allow for #3.2
    2. Extended textInputs to 480 to display long path names
  4. Bug: Payment Gateway JPanel forms not showing on action/change events as all
    Payments class files corrupted
    Fix: Recreated folder contents

  5. Bug: Payment Admin People,Resources and JRoles Panel files corrupted
    Fix: Recreated JPanel forms

  6. Bug: All Payment Gateway combox Events not displaying params panel
    Fix: fix underlying ActionPerformed

  7. Enhancement: Added ProductEditor.Button - Click Me! Button display HTML tags
    see http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/uiswing/components/html.html
    example: <html><color=cyan>1AA1

  8. Change: Removed John L's AppTitle extensions and replaced with uniCenta version

  9. Change: All Tahoma font use changed to Arial for X-Platform compatability

  10. Enhancement: Sales screen transaction line font size enlarged to Arial 14

  11. Enhancement: JPanelCloseMoney form Print and Close Cash buttons anchored to
    Bottom Right of form (all screen sizes)

  12. Enhancement: Prevent NULL value Sales as Layaway. Provide Alert Message.
    Simple and Standard Tickets only.

  13. Enhancement: Main JRootApp form User Login button: Height increased and icon +
    text now on separate lines to accomodate long User names

  14. Enhancement: Service Charge scripts added

  15. Enhancement: Support for Casio PD1 Weighing Scale added.

Posted by uniCenta 2013-08-31