v3.02 Released Today!

v3.02 available for Windows now.
Linux and Mac OSX to follow soon.

  1. Bug Fix: Roles - Remove duplicate categorysales.bs - causing "...
    permissions issue with i.e.; Category Sales"
  2. Bug Fix: Consolidate Receipt - Only valid for sales with a ProductID
  3. Bug Fix: Printer.Ticket - Corrected Table name ${place} issue in
    non-Restaurant Mode
  4. Bug Fix: Printer.TicketPreview - Corrected Table name ${place} issue in
    non-Restaurant Mode - see #5. separate download patch
  5. Bug Fix: JPanelTicket - Last ticket line delete refresh of
  6. Bug Fix: JPanelTicket - Clear last sales transaction detail after
  7. Bug Fix: EditorKeys - Restore ability to use Keyboard
  8. Bug Fix: Menu.Root - Sales Report options
  9. Bug Fix: Payment Gateway: Misspelling First Data corrected
  10. Bug Fix: Report - Category Sales fix underlying SQL construct
    (now inc' Discount)
  11. Bug Fix: Report - Transaction Log Total field Currency format
  12. Bug Fix: Report - Extended Transaction Log Total field Currency
    format + TIMESTAMP error
  13. Bug Fix: configure.bat - fix java -start options
  14. Bug Fix: Report - Convert all fonts to native Jasper Reports Sans Serif

  15. Enhancement: PaymentModel - add new Category's method

  16. Enhancement: Print.PartialCash - add Category sales to ticket
  17. Enhancement: Hide pop-out Menu on Start-up
  18. Enhancement: Product - Optimise General Tab Layout
  19. Enhancement: Product - Move Image to new Image Tab
  20. Enhancement: Product - Auto-complete barcode derived from Reference
    field to avoid duplicate NULL indeces
  21. Enhancement: Product - Add Button Tab for HTML tags for multiline,
    color, font & etc Product buttons
    - see http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/uiswing/components/html.html

  22. Other: Menu.Root - Amend Sales Report options

  23. Other: Databases - Add product.Display column via all SQL Scripts
  24. Other: Ticket.Buttons - Change Max Category Height for 1024x768 to
    Default <cat-height value="320"/>
  25. Other: Config Panel - Printer Default from Serial/file to file/Serial
  26. Other: Currency - GBP Notes converted to .png
  27. Installer: Included auto-detection script for Java 1.7 JRE

  28. Languages - English_US - Complete

  29. Languages - Portuguese_Portugal - Partial
  30. Languages - Portguese_Brazil - Partial
  31. Languages - Arabic - Complete
  32. Languages - Spanish_Mexico - Partial
    Note: Language Packs have been removed from Installer.
    Available here: http://www.unicenta.com/developers/translate_unicenta/
Posted by uniCenta 2012-12-03 Labels: v3.02 Release

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