WIthdrawing support for Openbravo POS


There's been a real surge in emails to me with upgrade issues, from (Openbravo POS>uniCenta oPOS, since the release of uniCenta oPOS v3.
These appear to be firmly rooted back in Openbravo POS 2.30.2 and especially its variations. What's more it has become such an issue that I've had to reconsider how much time I'm prepared to get involved.

This is what I've decided to do:
It's really not worthwhile, nor where I want to be, spending time fixing legacy Openbravo POS upgrade issues when that time could be spent concentrating on improving and moving uniCenta oPOS forward.

Of course I'm not saying don't post on any of the forums here, the uniCenta oPOS Community welcomes everyone left high and dry by Openbravo's withdrawal from the market as well as its uniCenta oPOS users. And, if you can help someone with an Openbravo POS>uniCenta oPOS upgrade issue then I really do encourage you to help where you can.
Neither does it mean I will ever forget where uniCenta oPOS sprang from, the ashes of Openbravo POS, yet it's just that, well, time is a precious thing and I have to use it wisely.

Right now uniCenta oPOS is more important and driving it forward is my focus.

So, this being the case: Support for Openbravo POS versions 2.30.2 backwards is being withdrawn as of now.

Kind Regards

If you want to upgrade from Openbravo POS - install uniCenta oPOS and then Transfer your Openbravo POS data across.
This is a great tool: www.sql-workbench.net and it'll get the job done in no time!

Please don't ask for uniCenta oPOS v3.00 source code. You can't have it... yet!
The reason is simple; I've allowed two weeks for feedback after the release so I can gather up any issues that couldn't be tested here (there are just too many variables), get them sorted and then let you have the as-good-as-it-gets solid core code.

Posted by uniCenta 2012-10-04 Labels: Openbravo POS Upgrades

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